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April 2020

How to not become...

You know those days or years of frustration, confusion and sadness? You are frustrated as to why your life isn’t evolving like you had hoped and planned for. You are confused about what you are doing wrong. You are sad about why you are not able to be happy…. And this can be on any subject: love, relationships, work life, your physical body …

I will let you in on a secret ...

You are not living your life, as you are supposed to do…

And how do I know this? I’ve been there myself.

If things are not working out for you, you have to change – it is that simple. You have to give yourself time to figure out, what it really is, you would like to get out of your life.

We are not talking about the expectations of the society you live in. If you stay focused on this, it is the certain way to not become what you are supposed to be.

When you keep on refusing to listen to your inner voice.

When you keep on doing things that makes you sick.

When you keep on spending time with people that makes you sad or angry or anxious.

When you keep on hiding your true desires and abilities

When you keep on doubting that you are a unique soul.

When you keep on holding yourself back, because you are afraid of embracing all that you are and stepping forward in your own light, you will never become what you are supposed to be.

The change can start today.

Your life

Your story

Your choice

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2020.04.30 Written by Debra Reble
Your blog is timely as I'e needed a spiritual boost in the last couple of days. Been feeling the empathy overload lately and needed this pick me up to know I'm not alone and we're all in this together. <3
2020.04.29 Written by Barb Parcells
We are the authors of our own stories, our own lives. Whether it has a happy ending or not depends on us!
2020.04.29 Written by Heather Maria
Extremely relevant and poignant. I feel in sync with your blog and thoughts today as I wrote a blog regarding the need for others to open up about what they want and what they need. Expressing themselves in a graceful honest manner bring about the support needed. Everyone needs some type of support. I am grateful to others who have chosen to open up to me for guidance as well as support in various ways. I still see how great that need is. Together we can all make a difference. Thank you for sharing your wise words with the world.
2020.04.29 Written by Lore (like "story") Raymond
Appreciating the power and succinctness of your closing words:
"The change can start today.

Your life

Your story

Your choice."
I will share in my women's writer's group, the Writer's VisionQuest.
2020.04.29 Written by Vatsala Shukla
Wise words Christin. If I have learned anything from life, it is that we start living the day we stop trying to live up to others expectations and enjoy the journey.