September 2020

Make the New Moon work for you

For some reason most people don’t tend to celebrate the New Moon as much as the Full Moon. This is a shame, the New Moon is just as powerful as the Full Moon, if not more. Where the Full Moon is about completion of a cycle, showing results, getting it out there and telling your truth, the New Moon is about new beginnings. Initiating a new process, focusing on a new goal, taking the first step of the journey towards achieving all that you are aiming for.

When we look to the wisdom of the indigenous people, the Moon is feminine. Then add that the New Moon is also black and you have more than enough to be cautious about … throughout the ages people have been afraid of entering the dark feminine energy field. The mystery of the womb, the dangers of entering into the darkness and the unseen. The powerful and mysterious feminine should be used to create and make changes, to give life and not to be warned about. You can use the powerful energy of the New Moon to your advantage. Projects initiated at this time of the month, will be carried forward with the moon cycle. In the challenging times we are going through right now, we need all the help we can get.

This specific New Moon of September 2020, challenges us to get organized and let go of addictions, fears and blame. You can’t keep hiding any longer or blame the chaos of the World for your life being on a standstill or moving at a very slow pace. Take back full responsibility over your life. Its time to move forward, cautiously but constantly …

Your own New Moon ceremony

To create your own New Moon Ceremony you need pen and paper, a candle, your favorite crystal or another item that holds great value to you like a Madonna or a piece of jewellery, a piece of red string and fresh flowers. Anything that can add purpose and power to the intention you will initiate this day.

Build Your altar

Prepare a special altar to honor the New Moon. Preferably in a spot where you can leave it be for the next couple of weeks. This way you can easily hold the intention of your goals alive. Arrange your altar with the objects your feel drawn to. We are aiming ar creating a space of ceremonial beauty and respect. Elements from nature, fresh flowers, crystals, beach wood or sea shells helps to open up your senses and keep them focused on the powerful energy of Nature.

The Ceremony

Your Ceremony begins already in the creation your altar. The task of creating your own sacred space, build out of beauty and respect, enhances your connection to Spirit and your own intentions. Light the candle as the final touch and take out your pen and paper. Sit yourself comfortably and meditate 5-20 minutes, perhaps while listening to soothing music. Focus on your intentions for this New Moon cycle. Where in your life do you wish for things to be more powerful? Which dreams are you ready for to come through? Are you in need of guidance to become more powerful and step forward in your wisdom?

Write it all down on your piece of paper. Fold the paper neatly and tie the red string around it, as a seal. Hold the folded and sealed paper between your hands and blow on it three times. First blow is transferring strength to your intentions and giving them life. Second blow is for activating the emotional aspect of your dreams. Third blow is to charge your intentions with joy and power to grow.

Now place the paper on your altar, perhaps you place a crystal on top of it to give it more power. Leave it here for the rest of the moon cycle. Every time you pass it or look at it, repeat your wishes / desires to yourself as if they have already come through.

End your ceremony by doing something that brings you joy. Go outside and look up at the sky and the black moon, do some moon yoga or listen to your favorite music and contemplate on your ceremony. You have done good. Your wishes and desires are now aligned with Spirit.


(Photo by Stephen Walker on Unsplash)

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2020.09.17 Written by Janet
thank you for the input - Im going to try this out tonight and have my own little ceremony, love this!