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Now is the time, by Metatron

Are you ready to move forward? Now is the time and we are waiting for your first step. When you accept your task as a lightworker, we can begin assisting you in spreading your light.

Times are changing and so are humans. A deeper understanding of being connected, a deeper urge to be in the light, and to accept the light as the overall source of life, is spreading among all citizens on your planet. Each individual has their own level of understanding. Some will try and resist - and they will struggle hard. Do not let them discourage you. We are here, awaiting to assist you but you must take the first step by yourself.

How can you make a change in your life? How can you assist the light in growing and spreading its rays of love, wisdom and gratitude?

Each of you have your own path, your own destiny, characterized by the contract of your soul with the Divine. Now is the time, this is the sign.

We honour you, we love you, we protect you.

Blessed be. 

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2020.09.09 Written by Heather Maria
Blessed Be "stop doubting yourself, you are worthy' worth remembering for all. Thank you for posting this message. Resonates with the one I posted today about being the Light. Be your own soul. Keys to take away from this message. And to stay in love.
2020.09.09 Written by Laura Joseph
Energies are definitely shifting and this planet is experiencing evolutionary changes. I love your channeled message. Thank you for sharing
2020.09.09 Written by Barbara Parcells
It's time for all of us to step up to the plate and do what we can with the gifts that we have to move the world forward into a promising and loving tomorrow.
2020.09.09 Written by Vatsala Shukla
I have been feeling a new kind of energy of late, like the air after a spell of rain. It's not as if we're out of the nightmare pandemic and sitting in a country where we are yet to peak, such optimism would seem romantic and yet, I feel there is a change in the air.

Much love and blessings.
2020.09.09 Written by Bettina
Thank you - I needed this today! "now is the time, this is your sign" ... love this <3
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