Walking with Angels

Do you ever wonder how it would feel to be accompanied by angels? You know, never feeling alone, always feeling safe, loved and protected?

It is a most wonderful feeling. You should try it.

I connect to my guides and angels everyday and know they are always close by. Some days I ask for specific guidance, other days its more a need to touch ground and remember that we are connected, I am protected, blessed and loved. By this I am daily reminded of my connection to the Divine and the limitless access to Light. 

“But how?”.

It is easy, you just have to ask and trust the process.

Your angels are always nearby. That’s kind of their job, but they are not allowed to step forward on a more active level until you ask for it to happen. Don’t worry, they will look out for you as your guardians, but the more direct guidance and awareness depends on whether you are ready to let go of doubts and fears, and embrace the Divine magic of trusting the presence of Light.

And then you know that you are never alone.


Try it out right now.

Close your eyes, center yourself, move your consciousness out of your head and into the center of your Heart Space. Take a couple of deep slow breaths. Envision your physical body in the center of the energetic field surrounding you. Sense how you are already more calm and balanced.

Now call forth your angels by simply saying out loud: “ I ask my angels to be present with me right in this moment”.

Breathe, sit, sense …

Notice the change in the room and the air right next to you. Perhaps a subtle change of presence next to your left ear or the feeling of a hand on your shoulder. They always come when we ask them to. It is up to you to discover how your angel make itself present. Trust your intuition.

Say thank you and goodbye when you are ready to let go again. Honour your connection with a Namaste. Perhaps next time ask a question.


Enjoy the moment.


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