Podcast Interviews

I've been interviewed for a number of podcasts on different subjects, all connected to my work as a channeler and spiritual medium. Here I share links to the interviews done in English.

Click on the links, put on your headphones and enjoy while on the road or relaxing in your favourite chair with a cup of tea. 

Channeled messages from Koidesh

I had a great talk with Jennifer and Karl, including live channeling and Master Koidesh answering questions live. The hightlight of our tlak must be when Koidesh found Karl´s question so funny that he started laughing - and my whole body started shaking from his laughter... You never know what you cane expect during a channeling session. 

Our talk is available both as audio and video - and please excuse me for the bad lighting - tech issues.....

Link to podcast

How does it feel to channel Ascended Masters

Anna and I had a great talk about being a channeler. The podcast includes a direct channeled message. 

Link to podcast

Challenges are all part of the journey

Grief coach Anne DeButte and I talk about grief and other challenges on the human journey.

Click here for podcast

Trusting the Channeled Messages

A talk with Cindy Kochis on how to trust your intuition and do what you have to do, even if it means writing a channeled book.

Link to podcast