Winter 2020


by Melchizedeck

Connect to the ray of Pearlescent in order to transform and magnify that which needs to change.


When you wrap the ugly part - that which causes pain and distraction - in beauty and Light you transform darkness into Light. 

 It is not all darkness that is created in order to do evil. Most times the darkness has a specific purpose of making people see where change is needed. When you experience pain you will think of how to make it stop. The process of transforming pain into joy is the purpose of the darkness.

Disease and illness are to show you something has to change - developing new medicine, changing the environment, focusing on mental processes. 

 Natural disasters are here to make you aware of the need for change on a higher level - and sometimes nature striking back sets the balance right again. There must always be balance between Light and darkness, good and evil, feminine and masculine, fire and earth, wind and sea.

War is merely waves of energy transforming into physical actions. War is the ultimate sign of distortion and lack of balance. Not all wars are purely manmade.  We can initiate epidemics as well, in order to create the momentum necessary for the energy to shift and human consciousness to welcome new ways of thinking. 

Mankind can only learn through pain and experience - and sometimes you are slow learners.

We masters have all been on Earth at different time zones depending on the journey of our souls. The purpose of your soul’s process can alter immensely compared to that of your neighbour’s.

Never underestimate another soul’s journey. You are all equal to Spirit and the Divine Presence is with us all. 

When you find a way to cover the disturbing parts of your life in Light, as an oyster covers a sand grain that causes it pain in mother of pearl, then you have gained access to knowledge on a higher level.  You can continue your journey in the Light more prosperous and with greater gratitude - and thereby with more Love in all aspects of your journey.


Prosperity comes with Love and Light.

Darkness is consumed by Love and Light.

Gratitude is magnified by Love and Light.


Extract from the book Channeled Messages of Love and Light, available on Amazon

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