Channeled Coaching and Guidance

Do you ever feel that there should be more to life than this? 

Perhaps you have been feeling restless lately and not knowing what to do about it? Looking around for a purpose and a reason for what is going on in your life? Feeling curious as to what comes next and ready to move forward on a more spiritual path?

Channeled Soul Coaching can provide you with answers and insights, and help you to reconnect with the wisdom of your soul. Teach you tools on how to stay centered in your Heart and out of the controlling ego. 

I have walked the path myself. From feeling a victim of my own life, to reconnecting with my Soul, integrating the higher wisdom and creating the life of my dreams. 

Let me guide you towards your own ascension, and a life of love, light and abundance. 

Want to Work with Me?

Depending on your needs I offer single sessions as well as montly programs. Are you ready to dig deep into a life transformational journey the Soul Coaching Intensive three months program, could be perfect for you. Online sessions are provided by Zoom, in respect of different timezones. 

It would be my pleasure to welcome you to a one-on-one live session in my clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark. The clinic is easily accessible by train from Copenhagen Airport. Does this option seem more appealing to you, please fill out the form below and let me know what kind of session you are looking for : Channeled Soul Coaching, Past Life Therapy or Chakra Balancing. 

How about booking a free 15 minutes introductory call with me, to see if we are a match? Click on link below. 

Online Soul Coaching

60 minutes session...................................165 Euro / 176 $

Soul Coaching by Zoom. 

Recieve insights as to what is holding you back in fulfilling the purpose of your soul. 

Learn tools to strengthen your personal skills.

Meet your guides and be coached by angels and ascended masters.

Every session includes a short guided meditation and channeled messages from the Divine.  All sessions are recorded.


Fast Track ...........................................365 Euro / 390 $

2 x 1 hour coaching session including :

  • 2 by weekly 60 minutes Soul Coaching on Zoom 
  • Guided Meditations
  • Channeled messages from ascended masters and angels
  • Focus on your Light and how to proceed 
  • Connecting with your personal guides
  • Unlimited Whats App support during the program
  • Sessions and meditations are recorded for your convenience

Add On, Distant Treatment..................200 Euro / 215  $

For better support, balance and integration during your Fast Track I recommend a set of four distant Reiki treatments within the two week program. 

3 Months Intensive Soul Coaching

3 months program  .............................. 1666 Euro / 1780 $

6 x 1 hour coaching session including :

  • Biweekly coaching call on Zoom
  • Guided Meditations and ascension tools
  • Distant Healing, duration of the program as needed
  • Channeled messages from ascended masters and angels
  • Tools for personal practice inbetween session
  • Deepen your relationship with your guides
  • Insights in releasing your fears
  • Frequent energy check-in by Christin and her masters
  • Direct email access and Whats' App during the program
  • all sessions and meditations recorded for your convenience

Ways of Payment


All payments can be made by Paypal or bank transfers. 

Paypal invoices will be added a transfer fee.

Bank transfers are free of charge within the EU.

Online sessions are pre-paid. 


usher channeler christin bjergbakke soul coaching

I deeply know now ... that I am supported in life.

I came to Christin with the wish to build trust around my own ability to connect with my Guides. Christin assisted me in this through exercises that are simple yet unmistakably effective, and most importantly easy repeatable. She is masterful in her work and dedicated to the client even outside the sessions, during the period we worked together. When in doubt, Christin was at a message distance from me.
She is gentle yet firm in her teaching. By working with her has the subject of spiritual guides and masters, in itself esoteric and intangible, become ‘a matter of fact’ one. And in the matter we all trust, don’t we! I deeply know now, beyond trust, that I am supported in life. Now I have  my Guides at a thought and a slow breath distance from me. Thank you!
Tamara Rogic

Available hours

Online sessions are available all day, as well as evenings, due to Christin's international clientel.

Please forward your request, stating your preferred hour of coaching and our team will return with a suggested date. 

We are situated in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark.

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