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I am so happy you followed your intuition and felt inspired to try out my channeled set of tools. 

These tools are really amazing and can work wonders in your life. They sure did in mine! This is why Im now sharing them with you, so that you also get the opportunity to become more centered in your heart.

This is where the magic happens..... when you are able to move out of the controlling ego, and breathe, sense and act from the center of your heart, you are able to connect to the wisdom of your soul.

I am Christin, spiritual medium, mentor, past-life therapist and author. I live in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, Europe. Isn't it wonderful how the internet connects us, crossing oceans and borders from the comfort of your home?




3 Channeled Tools to Activate the Wisdom of Your Soul

When your heart and soul are aligned miracles follow. When we are tapped into our heart we attract love, joy and abundance.

This transformational channeled gift set includes:

  • The powerful channeled 5-minute Daily Centering Exercise (Video);
  • The channeled 20-minute Heart Centering Blue Light meditation (MP3) including chakra balancing.
  • Three emails in three continous weeks with affirmations and recommendations on staying aligned in your heart space.

You can use the tools each on their own, but I do recommend that you use them in combination with each other. They are just so much more powerful this way.